About Gadgets and Innovations

Gadgets and Innovations is a blog about (you guessed it) Gadgets and Innovation. At this moment  it is mainly a repository of all the articles i’ve written for a number of blogs like:

I will however start publishing short articles and thought pieces on new interesting business topics like new business models and so on.

Most of these articles are in Dutch (apart from the Innovation Management.SE ones). I collected all my articles in one place mainly for archiving purposes (you never know how long they will be kept) and to easily retrieve them when I need them.

But Gadgets and Innovation will be more than a repository of old articles. I will write shorter articles mainly in English about Innovations triggered by for instance an article in the New York Times, a World Economic Forurm report or just something in the media or something I came up with. These articles will be shorter than my regular postings on for instance Frankwatching.

I will also review Gadgets and Games, otherwise I could as well have called the blog just Innovations.com (had the domain not been taken). Another purpose of this blog will be to link to interesting research, reports and other content in the area of innovation.

I will continue to write for the aforementioned blogs because of their specific (size of) audience.

Articles will only be in Dutch if :

  • they are pertaining to the Dutch situation or concern an issue that is Dutch;
  • they are originally written for another blog in Dutch.

About Rob Blaauboer

I am a principal consultant and have experience in Innovation since 1997, long before it became fashionable to be innovating. Part of my job is thoughtleadership in the area of innovation, one of the reasons I blog so much about the topic.

I am also an avid gadget lover and like to experiment with new software and hardware.

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